In this group I will be teaching you the secrets of Energy-Healing, and will provide you with powerful healing sessions at the same time.

I will take you step-by-step to learning everything you need to know to be able to heal yourself, and others, instantaneously.

The techniques you’ll be learning will literally give you the ability to find and remove energy-blockages that cause physical and emotional pain.

I will also be showing you how to exist in a constant state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness, a state in which you no longer feel tension or anxiety in your body.

You will learn how to stretch your mind beyond your body and interact with other humans (and the world) with new kinds of senses.

In this group I will personally train you to exist and operate from a very particular state of consciousness that will give you access to a full range of special abilities that some may see as miraculous, but you will see as normal.

It’s time to discover your powers.

Welcome to EvolvingHumans

This footage will give you an example of how powerful energy-healing really is, and what it can do...